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Know The Easy Way To Set Up Sales Tax In Quickbooks Online

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QuickBooks is one of the most significant accounting software developed by Intuit, which has really made the financial management of a small and medium class to easy. It comprises of many wide features which sometimes becomes difficult for the users to understand perfectly due to which they get the trouble with QuickBooks. To avoid such error, you should call on a tech support number for quickbooks sale tax to have the solution, without taking your precious time. Many times users get trouble in setting up sales tax in their QuickBooks online and thus they look for the solution, so that they can do themselves. Anyway, you need not worry, as with this article post you will come to know that how you can be able to do this.

Procedure to set up sales tax in QuickBooks online:

  • First, you need to open the “Sales Tax” page and then click on the link taxes in navigation bar and choose “Sales Tax”.
  • Now click on the “set up sales tax button”.
  • Now choose “Mark all new customers taxable”.
  • In the Tax name field enter the name of the tax.
  • Now enter the name of the tax agency to whom you have to pay the tax.
  • In the rate field enter the rate for the tax.
  • Now choose the combined tax radio button to create the combined tax rate.
  • Go to the tax name field and enter the name of the tax.
  • Now in the component name field type the name of the different component of the tax.
  • Now you need to fill the Tax agency of each component.
  • Now you need to enter the tax rate for each component.
  • For adding another sales tax rate you need to click on the button “Add another rate”.
  • Now finally click on “save” button to save sales tax rate.

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You can also have the QuickBooks help support, if you find any kind of confusion or trouble while going through these above sales tax set up procedure. If you do not find any trouble with this procedure, then you will be easily able to set up sales tax in your QuickBooks online.

You should be fully concentrated while going through above procedure, as even a minor mistake can cause big trouble to you and could have the big financial loss. So go through each and every step with great focus. See also: How to manage and track sale taxes in QuickBooks?

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